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Our Partners

We are grateful for the support of our partners.

Active Schools equips schools with the resources and tools to increase physical education and physical activity opportunities for students, and to cultivate an Active School environment.

Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools is a targeted multi-year initiative to improve the health of students, staff and teachers in K-12 schools in communities that KP serves and beyond. Emphasizing healthy eating, active living and improvements in the K-12 school climate, Thriving Schools is working to make the healthy choice the easy choice.



Developed by leading educators and health experts, Adventure to Fitness is an all-inclusive, plug-and-play solution for elementary schools needing resources that provide educational physical activity for classroom and PE teachers alike. Adventure to Fitness offers interactive, live and/or animated online videos or DVDs that take kids on exciting adventures all while providing 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and learning.


Cycliq’s mission is to raise awareness for road safety. Cycliq wants to make road users aware they’re being recorded in the hope that everybody provides each other additional space and respect while sharing the road. Consequently, this makes road cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Dero offers innovative bicycle parking and transit solutions, such as bike racks and custom bike storage. Encourage a love of bicycling in students and help facilitate healthy bike to school programs by providing ample bike parking. Looking for bike parking solutions? Dero knows bike parking. Inside and Out™. Add a Dero Fixit, a public bike repair stand, to help with bike maintenance.

Skillastics is a series of evidence-based oversize board games that develop children's fitness and sport skills by fully engaging up to 100 children at one time in an organized, fun, and non-competitive atmosphere.


For 20 years, I’m Safe has served schools and Safe Routes to School programs by providing affordable incentives and research-based education materials. Want custom rewards for active students? Need to make walk-to-school kids more visible? I’m Safe has it all!



For over 65 years, FlagHouse has been a premier supplier of resources for physical education, sports, fitness, recreation, and special needs. Publisher of the award winning CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) child nutrition and physical activity program, FlagHouse continues to support communities and healthier lifestyles around the world.


mybackpacktags® Safe & Easy dismissal. Every Child. Every Day. Simple, fun and easy-to-use, our tags show kids where to go at dismissal. Eliminate dismissal confusion, ensure safety and encourage walking and biking to/from school. mybackpacktags® is THE way to safely and efficiently manage dismissal. READY, SAFE, GO!


Peaceful Playgrounds enhances learning, prevents bullying, and promotes positive social interactions on the playground. Unlike other playground companies, we have a do-it-yourself alternative.


Sportime empowers and enhances physical activity experiences by providing innovative products and programs that enable success. SPARK provides research-based programs designed to improve the health of children and encourage lifelong movement. Together, “Sportime featuring SPARK” provides a powerful resource of physical activity and wellness solutions for students and educators.


Stand2Learn is the leader in research-based designs for student desks. Research proves that standing height desks not only improve student’s health by increasing calorie burn rates by 20% but also improve a student’s engagement time by 15% and standardized test scores by 5%! A health focused desk helping students focus! Want to help students improve health, engagement time, and standardized test scores? Interested in raising funds to purchase Stand2Learn desks?